Top 10 most dangerous magic tricks in the world


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Top 10 most dangerous magic tricks in the world

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Crowds are enraptured by wizardry, from straightforward stunts like changing wine into water, to most risky ones, like going through the cutting edges of a fly motor. In reality, wizardry deceives or stunts that are hazardous in nature captivate individuals much more, since we like resisting demise and we kind of appreciate seeing others in risky circumstances while we are protected and agreeable in our seats.

0:39 Number 10:Straight Jacket Escape.

1:27 Number 9:The Sword Cabinet.

2:16 Number 8:Roller Coaster Escape.

3:04 Number 7;Buried alive.

3:39 Number 6:Catching a slug in one's mouth.

4:24 Number 5:cutting a Woman Into two.

4:53 Number 4:Chinese Water Torture Cell.

5:57 Number 3:Tornado Of Fire.

7:01 Number 2;Spike.

7:52 Number 1;Frozen In Ice.