Meteorite or MeteorWRONG?


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There are meteorites -- and then there are meteorWRONGS; deceptive terrestrial and human-made rocks and minerals that can be easily confused with special space rocks. Test your knowledge with the quiz at the end! Super shout-out to Jim Holstein for his willingness to rock with us. get it. rock, 'cuz he's a geologi--- okay I'm done.More rock videos with Jim:Glow Rocks: Death Rocks: ---------------------------------------------------------------------Help support our videos! Under 'Designation,' put 'The Brain Scoop' - all proceeds go exclusively towards helping the show. We appreciate whatever you can give!-- Come hang out in our Subreddit: @ehmeeFacebook: thebrainscoop.tumblr.comWe have a Newsletter! Sign up for updates!:, Writer, Creator, Host, Camera:Emily GraslieProducer, Director, Editor, Graphics:Sheheryar AhsanProducer, Camera:Brandon Brungard---------------------------------------------------------------------This episode is filmed at and supported by The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.