The Easiest Paper Fidget Craft There Is | DIY Paper Slinky


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Slinky’s were always so much fun! Do you remember playing with them when you were a child? They could spring between your hands, from a chair and down the stairs! Now you and your children can follow this DIY version at home as you share the nostalgic fun together. Make it your own by using your favourite colours! See who can make the longest! Have a race with each other! Take yourself back to being a child again, while you keep your own child happy and entertained. Fun for all of the family!

⭕ Materials:

- 6 pieces of coloured paper (any colours you like)

- Ruler

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Glue

⭕ Instructions:

(1) Measure and draw lines on each piece of paper.

(2) Cut out the strips.

(3) Taking two colours at a time, glue one horizontally on top of the other.

(4) Fold each piece on top of each other.

(5) When you reach the end of the paper, glue on two more colours and repeat the folding process.

(6) Repeat the pattern until you’ve used all the coloured strips. Now your spring toy is ready, see where you can slink yours from!

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