How to Make a Cool Fidget Craft using Paper


How to Make a Cool Fidget Craft using Paper with tags paper craft ideas, diy anti stress crafts, paper crafts

Have you ever thought about making your own toy? Now you can, and all you need is some paper, scissors and glue! This cost-effective craft will take some paper and transform it into a toy that will leave you playing for ages. Watch each piece twist and pop before your eyes, then fold it down and do it again. It is so surprising what two pieces of paper can do. See how long you can make yours by adding more and more paper!


- 2 pieces of coloured paper (any colour)

- Scissors

- Glue


(1) Take a square piece of coloured paper and fold it in half, unfold and repeat on the other side.

(2) Cut along the crease until you have 4 small squares.

(3) Fold and unfold two sides diagonally. Then fold two opposite corners into the middle. Fold again until you have a rectangular shape

(4) Fold one side in on itself and then back. Repeat on the other side.

(5) Repeat this step with the other pieces of paper.

(6) Taking one of each colour, slot the pieces together and glue the edges down. Repeat with each piece of paper.

(7) Glue and stack each piece together. Now you can twist and pop your new paper toy!

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