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Did you know you can make paper move and twist? Here is a fun paper folding craft that will keep little hands busy for ages. The art of folding paper into new and cool things is a Japanese tradition that has grown into a worldwide hobby. It is brilliant for practising those fine motor skills and can help with focusing too. What’s even better is that at the end of it you have your very own craft that changes faces with every twist. You’ll be mesmerised by its kaleidoscope pattern!


- 2 pieces of coloured paper (any colour you like)

- Scissors


(1) Take your first piece of coloured paper and fold one corner to the opposite side and cut off the remaining so you have a square.

(2) Take the square and fold in half, then cut these into 2 separate rectangles. Repeat this until you have 4 small squares altogether.

(3) Taking one square, fold a corner to meet the other diagonally, unfold and repeat on the other side.

(4) Next, fold each corner into the middle X crease.

(5) Unfold, then refold in half to make a rectangle and unfold again.

(6) Fold both sides of the paper into the middle crease.

(7) Following the groove of the creases, push the two sides of the paper inwards to make a triangle.

(8) Fold all 4 corners of the triangle into the centre, until you have a small square.

(9) Repeat this with each piece of paper so you have 8 squares.

(10) Slightly unfold each one so the paper sits neatly inside one another.

(11) Slowly, close up the chain of paper you have made. Then unfold the piece on each end.

(12) Attach the two end pieces together to make a circle. Now you can twist your kaleidoscope papercraft!

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