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Do you ever feel stressed out from all the demands of life? Well, here is a fun way to relieve some of that stress! Make a fidget out of paper! These transformers will help you deal with your stress in a fun and creative way!

⭕ Materials:

- Two-toned paper

- Ruler

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Tape

⭕ Instructions:

(1) Using your ruler and pencil, measure out each strip.

(2) Then cut along the vertical lines.

(3) Take a strip and use your ruler to fold along each line.

(4) Tape the two ends together to make a triangle.

(5) Make another triangle repeating these steps and tape two of them together (only on one side)

(6) Repeat these steps with each strip of paper.

(7) Tape another two together so you have a long rectangle; repeat with the others.

(8) Now taking both rectangles, tape them together on the top and the bottom. Then get twisting! Move your shapes around and see what you can create.

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