3 Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Painting Ideas


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Stop! Don’t throw away those old toilet paper rolls or empty paper towel tubes. Save them for a rainy day or when you need to entertain the children with some crafty fun. There are lots of different ideas for turning that everyday item into a stunning masterpiece. Here we show you how you can take a simple paper tube and paint to create your own DIY roller, beautiful flower prints and some fun shape stampers.

⭕ Paper Tube Roller

Here is a simple way to make a paint roller, using only one simple item you can find in your recycling. Use any colours you like and simple roll a paper tube across the paper to mix all the beautiful colours together.

⭕ Toilet Roll Prints

This fun and creative activity will let your imagination run wild. Using scissors, make small cuts into the end of the toilet paper roll. Spread them apart with your fingers, then dip them into the paint. Print and splat all over the paper and see what scene you can come up with. Dandelions, fireworks, or maybe even hedgehogs!

⭕ Toilet Roll Shape Stamps

By cutting the toilet paper roll and bending it in different ways, you can make lots of shapes. Circles, squares, triangles and hearts too! They are the perfect size for stamping, so add some paint and print away.