3 Simple Bubble Wrap Painting Ideas


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Pop! Are you tired of hearing the bubble wrap pop, pop, popping away? Well, this is how you can turn that packaging into picturesque art. Here are a few printing crafts for you. From stunning spotty rainbows to very dotty caterpillars, these are sure to make you pop with excitement!

⭕ Spotty Artwork

Here is a fun way to brighten up any day. All you need is some spare bubble wrap and paint! Make a vibrant rainbow or any spotty picture you like. Be as creative as you want!

⭕ Butterfly Prints

Butterfly wings come in all kinds of beautiful patterns and bright colours. Here you can make your own butterfly with a spotty pattern. Cut around some shapes and stick them to bubble wrap. Paint with any colours you like and print!

⭕ A Very Spotty Caterpillar

We all know of the very hungry caterpillar, but what about a very spotty, dotty one! For this craft, secure some bubble wrap to a toilet paper tube using an elastic band. Add some paint and print a few different circles. Then add some details like eyes, a mouth, nose and don’t forget the feelers!