MAGNETISM for Kids What are Magnets? Science for Kids


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Educational video for children that talks about magnetism and magnets. Magnetism is the property of some objects to attract metallic elements, like iron. Matter is electrically charged and normally this charge is electrically neutral, i.e. the number of negative and positive charges is balanced. However, in certain materials this is not the case, and this imbalance causes attraction or repulsion. Magnets can be both natural or artificial and one of their main properties is magnetism, the ability to attract objects composed of iron and other metallic materials. Natural magnets are found in nature. An example is magnetite. Artificial magnets are made by humans from different metals such as iron or steel. Magnets have two poles, which are normally found at their end zones, and these generate a magnetic field. These zones are known as north pole and south pole. If we put two opposite poles together, they attract each other. In other words, if we bring together the north pole of one magnet and the south pole of another, they attract each other. On the other hand, if we put two of the same poles together, they repel each other. Digital information storage devices such as hard disks and memory cards use magnetic properties to store data. Screens, speakers and other electronic objects also have magnets in them.

This video is a very useful and interesting resource for children. It is perfect for teaching what magnetism and magnets are. It is an excellent video for primary education.

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