5 Cool Electricity Science Experiments to Do at Home


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Are you always tinkering, investigating and exploring new things? Here are some fun science experiments to keep your inner Einstein busy. It is pretty safe to say that most find experiments super cool. Some might even say it’s magic! But all of these activities can be explained with science, which makes for a great educational experience too. All the experiments exploring electricity are safe and fun to try out at home. Get all your friends involved!

⭕ Making foil balls dance with a balloon and static electricity

⭕ Using dough as a circuit board to light a bulb

⭕ Static electricity keeping a hoop afloat

⭕ Make your own simple electricity motor

⭕ Create your own light bulb

00.00 Dancing Foil

01.15 Playdough Circuits

03.24 Flying Hoops

03.56 Mini Motors

05.48 DIY Lightbulb

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