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Lots of everyday items use motors: cars, fridges, washing machines, fans and vacuum cleaners. This doesn’t sound too exciting, but that is because we don’t see them in action. So here is a fun way to create your own motor and watch how a wire with electrical current acts in a magnetic field.


- AA battery

- 2 paper clips

- Tape

- Copper wire

- Pen

- Small magnet


(1) Taking your paper clips, fold them out to make a small hole in the middle.

(2) With the first paper clip, take one hooked end and secure it to the top of the battery using tape.

(3) Repeat this with the second paper clip. Make sure the other hooked ends are facing the same direction.

(4) Place this to one side. Then take your pen and copper wire. Wrap the wire around the pen about ten times to make a coil.

(5) After sliding the coiled wire of the pen, twist each end around to tighten and secure it. Make sure to leave a small piece of wire out on each side.

(6) Taking your battery, carefully place each end of the wire through the hole in the paper clips.

(7) Set this down and place your magnet on top of the battery but underneath the copper wire. Now watch your mini motor spin into action!


The paper clips and wire created an electrical circuit that can carry current. Current flows from the negative terminal of the battery, through the circuit, to the positive terminal of the battery. The current creates a magnetic field, which interacts with a magnetic field coming from a magnet underneath and makes out motor spin.

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