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I PROMISE you will LOVE this vlog!!!!!! This vlog spans more than one day and is FULL from beginning to end! Also--if you have the chance to visit the San Diego Zoo, I HIGHLY recommend it! I have not been quite so impressed with something in a long time. This zoo did not disappoint in any way. I promise it will be worth the visit!

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Hi guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011. Family Fun Pack is my family of 9 who love to travel and live life to the fullest. With new videos of our daily adventures and milestones posted regularly, you are sure be entertained on our channel. I offer parenting advice, meal ideas, travel tips and travel ideas. I like to share my parenting style along the way in a subtle way that comes across as I vlog my daily life. Our videos are authentic family fun. Thanks for following my journey though parenthood as a mom!

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