Why is it so hard to cure cancer? - Kyuson Yun


Why is it so hard to cure cancer? - Kyuson Yun with tags ted, ted-ed, ted education, ted ed, kyuson yun, outis, cancer, curing cancer, cheomtherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, tumor, glioblastoma, metastasis, genetic mutation, subclone, heterogeneity, cell, cancer stem cell, malignant, treatment

Download a free audiobook and support TED-Ed's nonprofit mission: http://adbl.co/2gauxNDCheck out Siddhartha Mukherjee's "The Emperor of All Maladies": https://shop.ed.ted.com/collections/ted-ed-book-recommendations/products/the-emperor-of-all-maladies-a-biography-of-cancerView full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-is-it-so-hard-to-cure-cancer-kyuson-yunWeve harnessed electricity, sequenced the human genome, and eradicated smallpox. But after billions of dollars in research, we havent found a solution for a disease that affects more than 14 million people and their families at any given time. Why is it so difficult to cure cancer? Kyuson Yun explains the challenges. Lesson by Kyuson Yun, directed by Artrake Studio.Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/tededThank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible.Mukamik, Tushar Sharma, Dmitry Neverov, Mohammad Khory, Goh Xiang Ting Diana, Umar Farooq, Kevin Wong, Activated Classroom Teaching, Constantin Salagor, Daniel Mardale, Monica Grace Ward, Dawn Jordan, Yanira Santamaria, Prasanth Mathialagan, Savannah Scheelings, Yalda A., Susan Herder, Be Owusu, Samuel Doerle, David Rosario.