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Today I made Geode Cake Pops using the Sugar Gem Candies from my baking line! ORDER MY BAKING LINE: SUGAR GEMS:*Order The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here: RECIPE: ME HERE:Website: http://www.RosannaPansino.comFacebook: http://www.rosannapansino.tumblr.comInstagram: rosannapansinoFOLLOW NERDY NUMMIES HERE:Instagram: THINGS YOU WILL NEED* (1 1/3) Cups Flour:* (2/3) Cup Cocoa Powder:* (1 ) Teaspoons Baking Soda:* (1) Teaspoon Baking Powder:* () Teaspoon Cinnamon: * () Teaspoon Salt:* (1 1/3) Cup Sugar:* (2/3) Cup Brown Sugar:* (4) Eggs* (1/3) Cup Water* (2) Teaspoons Vanilla Extract:* (1) Cup Sour Cream:* () Cup Vegetable Oil:* () Cup Cream* () Cup Chopped Chocolate:* Sugar Gems:* White Sanding Sugar:* Gold Sanding Sugar: LINKS:* Candy Melting Pot:* Decorating Tips:* Decorating Bags: NUMMIES THEME SONG (Written and Produced by Dawin)*Buy on iTunes: