TURTLE Animals for Kids Episode 3


TURTLE Animals for Kids Episode 3 with tags youtube kids, smile and learn, videos for kids, educational, elementary education, science, animals, turtles, reptiles, omnivorous, vertebrates, shell, slow animals, long-lived animals, friendly animals, turtle curiosities, turtle habitat, oviparous animals

Educational video for children to learn about turtles' characteristics and curiosities. The turtle is a vertebrate, reptilian, and omnivorous animal that lives on every continent. Turtles are oviparous animals, that means, they lay eggs that their mothers incubate in nests that they dig in the ground. They are covered by a shell made up of many bones that serve as a protection against predators. Tortoises live for many years and they existed on land long before we did.

In this educational video, kids will find out lots of interesting facts about turtles. This is a perfect video for elementary education.

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