The Tower of Epiphany | Think Like A Coder, Ep 7


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The adventure continues! Episode 7: Ethic and Hedge find themselves in a massive tower. Can they make it past the energy streams to reach the Node of Creation?--This is episode 7 of our animated series Think Like A Coder. This 10-episode narrative follows a girl, Ethic, and her robot companion, Hedge, as they attempt to save the world. The two embark on a quest to collect three artifacts and must solve their way through a series of programming puzzles.Lesson by Alex Rosenthal, directed by Kozmonot Animation Studio.Supported by Endless: https://endlessnetwork.comA special thank you to the programmers who assisted in the development of this series: Eric Wastl, Sara Kladky, Ryan Harvey, Dan Bernier, Eden Girma, Matt Gruskin, and James Griffith.Sign up for our newsletter: us on Patreon: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: full lesson: you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Lowell Fleming, David Petrovi, Hoai Nam Tran, Stina Boberg, Alexandrina Danifeld, Kack-Kyun Kim, Travis Wehrman, haventfiguredout , Caitlin de Falco, Ken, zjweele13, Anna-Pitschna Kunz, Edla Paniguel, Elena Crescia, Thomas Mungavan, Alejandro Cachoua, Jaron Blackburn, Yoga Trapeze Wanderlust, Sandy Nasser, Venkat Venkatakrishnan, Nicolle Fieldsend-Roxborough, John Saveland, Jason Garcia, Robson Martinho, Martin Lau, Senjo Limbu, Joe Huang, SungGyeong Bae, Christian Kurch, Begum Tutuncu, David Matthew Ezroj, Sweetmilkcoco, Raphal LAURENT, Joe Meyers, Farah Abdelwahab, Brian Richards, Divina Grace Dar Santos, Jessie McGuire, Abdullah Altuwaijri, Sarah Burns, Clement, Hadi Salahshour, FAWWAZ GHUWAIDI, Dino Biancolini, Reagen O'Connor, Nicu Boanda, Cindy O., Karla Brilman, Jrgen sterpart and Sergi Pez.