The Irish myth of the Giant's Causeway - Iseult Gillespie


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Check out our Patreon page: full lesson: the coast of Northern Ireland, a vast plateau of basalt slabs and columns called the Giants Causeway stretches into the ocean. The scientific explanation for this is that its the result of molten lava contracting and fracturing as it cooled in the wake of a volcanic eruption. But an ancient Irish myth has a different accounting. Iseult Gillespie recounts the Giant's Causeway myth.Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, animation by Dylan Glynn.Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Husain Mohammad, Max Shuai Tang, Cme Vincent, Astia Rizki Safitri, Alan Froese, alessandra tasso, Gerald Onyango, Katrina Harding, Ezgi Yersu, Al the Scottish Wildcat, Katie Dean, Kin Lon Ma, Carsten Tobehn, Boris Langvand, Jeremy Fryd, Charlene You, Carolyn Corwin, rakesh Katragadda, Sergi Pez, Janelle , Jrgen sterpart, Karla Brilman, Cindy O., Nicu Boanda, Reagen O'Connor, Anh Dau, Sabrina Gonzalez, Dino , FAWWAZ GHUWAIDI, Hadi Salahshour, Clement, Micholer Miller, Sarah Burns, Nick Debenedictis, Abdullah Altuwaijri, Jessie McGuire, Divina Grace Dar Santos, Andrew Sleugh, Brian Richards, Farah Abdelwahab, Joe Meyers, Mikhail Shkirev, Raphal LAURENT, Malcolm Callis, Sweetmilkcoco , David Matthew Ezroj, Ever Granada, fatima kried, Begum Tutuncu, and Lala Arguelles.