The Classics Songs of Bichikids - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes


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0:00 If You Are Happy And You Know It

2:29 Ring Around The Rosie

3:56 Cold

7:00 Itsy-Bitsy Spider

9:17 Hello My Friend, Let’s Play Together

12:16 The Hokey Pokey Dance

14:21 Ten in Bed

16:52 Feet Feet Feet

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🐞 A universe full of cute little bugs, all very curious, happy and eager to have fun! In each episode the β€œBichikids” find themselves with new situations just like children do. They also go discovering little by little, and in fun ways: textures, fragrances, foods, sounds, music, dance and certainly, friendship. In this manner, they learn to interact with the world that surrounds them.