Shapes Song - Learn Shapes for Children, Toddlers and Babies


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The Shapes Song introduces young learners to seven basic shapes in this simple tune and playful video. Children, toddlers and babies will be entertained by the bright illustrations of a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, diamond and star, making the learning process itself, enjoyable. View lyrics for The Shapes Song below or turn on closed captions to sing along. Enjoy and thanks for watching!SUBSCRIBE!'S CONNECT!Website: FUN VIDEOS!The Balloon Song (Learn colors): The Wheels on the Bus: Macdonald Had a Farm: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Row Row Your Boat: Sounds Song: written by: Denisa SenovskyVocals by: Denisa Senovsky,Music production: Michael Creber, Denisa SenovskyIllustrations by: Denisa SenovskyVideo Editor: Nina Helene Hirten - http://ojpstudios.comCopyright: Katie Cutie EntertainmentLYRICS:Thats a circle. Its a circle. Its a round, round circle.Im a circle. Im a circle. Im a round, round circle.Thats a square. Its a square. Its a four-sided square.Im a square. Im a square. Im a four-sided square.Thats a triangle. Its a triangle. Its a three-sided triangle.Im a triangle. Im a triangle. Im a three-sided triangle.Thats a rectangle. Its a rectangle. Its a four-sided rectangle.Im a rectangle. Im a rectangle. Im a four-sided rectangle.Thats a heart. Its a heart. Its a ruby red heart.Im a heart. Im a heart. Im a ruby red heart.Thats a star. Its a star. Its a five-pointed star.Im a star. Im a star. Im a five-pointed star.Thats a diamond. Its a diamond. Its a four-sided diamond.Im a diamond. Im a diamond. Im a four-sided diamond.Those are shapes. They are shapes. They are all different shapes.We are shapes. We are shapes. We are all different shapes.