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Kids are great artists. They love to show the world their artistry by painting the walls. But most often, their playtime turns out to be a series of haphazard creations. We thought, why not help our little preschoolers learn the basics of drawing, so they can come up with a masterpiece their parents can show off to family and friends? So we came up with just the nursery rhyme song that will help them understand better and fuel their creativity ; the Shapes Song. Watching this kiddie rhyme video will help toddlers understand various shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle, star and some more. A little bit of practice during activity with kindergarten teachers and theyll be ready to hear the applause of anyone who walks in through the front door of the house!Bob The Train App - Download Now FIRST - Kids Videos & Nursery Rhymes | Free App Download: OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE : KIDS TV VIDEOS ON OUR WEBSITE : and Lyrics: Copyright USP StudiosVideo: Copyright USP Studios============================================