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Kids enjoy building early literacy skills fundamental for reading. This video begins with an ABC phonics song that features two cute animals for each letter of the alphabet. Other songs focus on identifying objects that start with different letters and learning the most common sound each letter makes. "I Spy" provides practice finding objects that begin with a specific letter. These game-like songs with colorful animation encourage active participation and hold the interest of even the most energetic little learners.

00:00 Animals ABC Phonics Song

04:43 I Spy - Part 1

07:19 I Spy - Part 2

09:56 ABC Phonics Song

14:32 I Spy - Part 3

16:48 I Spy - Part 4

19:02 Learn the Sounds

22:44 Letter Sounds Quiz

27:01 Name That Letter!

35:46 This is the Way