Learn the Alphabet - ABCs Phonics Song - All 26 Letter Sounds


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Learn the letters of the alphabet and their phonics sounds. All 26 letters of the alphabet! Learning to recognize letters and the sounds they make is a key step in learning how to read, and helps prepare preschoolers and early learners for reading when they go to school. This video has each letter of the alphabet with the same tune, so kids can learn through repetition, sing along and practice making the letter sounds with us. Can you make the letter sounds? We can show you how! 😃🔤


00:01 A

01:38 B

03:13 C

04:47 D

06:22 E

07:57 F

09:32 G

11:07 H

12:42 I

14:17 J

15:52 K

17:27 L

19:02 M

20:38 N

22:13 O

23:47 P

25:24 Q

26:58 R

28:33 S

30:07 T

31:42 U

33:17 V

34:52 W

36:27 X

38:02 Y

39:36 Z "Zee"

41:10 Z "Zed"

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