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Phonics song with the letter A, B and C. A is for Apple, A is for Alligator and A is for Angel. Learn to read by singing the phonics sound. This video is all about the letter A, B and C. Sing and Sign words that start with those three letters. Free Song Download http://www.pattyshuklakidsmusic.comLyrics: A is for AppleA is for AlligatorA is for AngelA is for AntA is for ArrowA is for AnchorA is for AB is for ballB is for butterflyB is for bearB is for balloonB is for birdB is for batB is for bananaC is for CarC is for CandleC is for CarrotC is for CatC is for CoatC is for CakeC is for CPatty Shukla's all original CDs, DVDs and Apps are fun, educational, action and story songs for children. (Best for ages 8 years old and under) For a complete list of Patty's music and upcoming shows, please visit her website: Please SUBSCRIBE for more videos: action songs by Patty, click here: More cartoon songs by Patty, click here: DVDS, 6 CDS & Apps http://www.PattyShuklaKidsMusic.com7 Music Apps by PattyiOS: YOUTUBE CHANNELS:MAIN CHANNEL: CHANNEL: you for watching! To PURCHASE Patty's music, click this link: http://www.PattyShuklaKidsMusic.comTo SHARE Patty's music channel, copy and paste this link: Song written and performed by Patty Shukla and Neel Shukla. Exclusive world wide distribution rights to this recording and video owned by Patty Shukla and Shukla Music, LLC