LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE How to Calculate the Least Common Multiple - Math for Kids


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Educational video for children that talks about the least common multiple. The multiples of a number are the numbers that you get when you multiply that number by any other whole number. The least common multiple of two or more numbers is the smallest multiple that these numbers share. There are several ways to find the least common multiple of a number. One way is by comparing the first multiples of these numbers. Another way to calculate it is the common division method. The common division method is a simple method used to find the lowest common multiple between 2 or more numbers. In this method, we divide the numbers by common prime numbers that will divide into them evenly without a remainder. We do this until we can't anymore. Once there are no more prime numbers that divide evenly into both numbers, we use multiplication to find the least common multiple.

This video is a very useful and interesting resource for children. It is perfect for teaching what the least common multiple is. It is an excellent video for primary education.

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