Armadillos for Kids


Armadillos for Kids with tags armadillos for kids, armadillos

00:00 Introduction

0:07 Do armadillos have shells?

0:20 What kind of animals are armadillos?

1:13 How fast can armadillos run?

1:42 Do armadillos have hair?

2:20 What do armadillos eat?

3:02 Where do armadillos live?

3:26 Do armadillos dig burrows?

4:03 Armadillo review

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Photo credit of the burrow:

Rabbit den hole in Parco Alto Milanese - Busto Arsizio, Lombardy, Italy - 2021-04-05.jpg

Picture of the hole of a rabbit burrow in the woods of Parco Alto Milanese. This den is located inside the municipality of Busto Arsizio (VA), in Lombardy, in Italy. Picture taken in the 5th of april in 2021. 2021-04-05

By Mænsard vokser

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Blippy Trance by Kevin MacLeod

Bassa Island Game by Kevin MacLeod

Funin and Sunin by Kevin MacLeod

Digital Lemonade by Kevin MacLeod

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