Alien: Garbage Day


Alien: Garbage Day with tags alien, kid, garage

James is afraid to take the garbage out. Somethings in the garage.FULL CREDITS: StarringJames Hashimoto as himselfSophia Hashimoto as Drew BarrymoreJabari Phillips as the Xenomorph Stuff That Wasnt Realby HashiAdditional AnimationMatt Walker Thanks:Mandy RichardvilleSeth WorleyMike PedrazaCreative Commons Attributions:Alien EggsArtist: James Stone QueenArtist: DARKKOVA - Giger likeArtist: Swidhelm Ground FloorArtist: dee_van_hoven Dry Tree fullsize scanArtist: John Greenstone Tree 3D ScanArtist: Bart SulacoArtist: Katase 3d Models Purchased from TurbosquidMusic:Triune Scores: 80s Synth Pack by Ben Worley Co-Pilots Pro Scores video made possible by a generous grant from the Weyland Corporation.