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Valentine’s Day is a great time to show our loved ones how much we care about them. Cards, chocolates, and roses are the usual gifts on this day. But do you happen to know when and where the first Valentine’s Day celebration took place or who tends to receive the most cards? Do you have any idea how much Americans spend on chocolate gifts?

In this informational video by Kids Academy, you will find answers to all the questions above and will also learn more interesting facts about St. Valentine’s Day. Get ready to show big and small signs of affection to the people you love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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00:58 - 1. Valentine’s Day is the 2nd largest holiday for sending greeting cards

01:31 - 2. The most valentines are received by teachers

02:13 - 3. Millions of Valentine’s gifts are for pets

02:53 - 4. Americans spend over 1 billion dollars on chocolates for Valentine’s Day!

03:23 - 5. Millions of roses are grown each year just for Valentine’s Day.

03:54 - 6. The first Valentine’s Day chocolate box was created in the 19th century by Cadbury

04:33 - 7. Conversation heart candy was first created to be used as medicine

05:09 - 8. The heart shape as we know it wasn’t always used as a symbol for love

05:53 - 9. The first Valentine’s Day celebration took place in Paris in 1400.

06:39 - 10. Lovebirds aren’t just a figure of speech; they’re real birds!

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