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https://www.youtube.com/user/englishsingsing9Cinderella, Snow White+More Kids Stories | Learn English for Kids | Collection of Easy Story Subscribe us on YouTube: http://goo.gl/gDa963 More Our Compilation: https://goo.gl/Ghy0W5Click on the link below to see each video in this compilation video.The each video is accompanied by English subtitles.01_Pinocchio - What's this? : 00:05 https://goo.gl/XJYDFR02_Helen Keller - What's this? : 02:04https://goo.gl/72Snyn03_Cinderella - What time is it? : 03:19https://goo.gl/KFt60V04_Cinderella - What time is it? : 04:19https://goo.gl/Q6HbiF05_The Hungry Caterpillar - What day is it? : 04:55https://goo.gl/4aaaIa06_Peter Pan - How old are you? : 06:19https://goo.gl/03lrah07_Hansel and Gretel - How many cakes? : 07:10https://goo.gl/nOXny108_The Goose with the Golden Eggs - How many eggs? : 08:46https://goo.gl/IRY41Y09_Anne of Green Gables - How much is it? : 09:25https://goo.gl/BhuvQR10_Old Man with a Lump - Happy birthday! : 10:56https://goo.gl/wP3alZ11_Heidi - Who is she? : 11:49https://goo.gl/OWyzGj12_The dutiful daughter - Who's this? : 13:22https://goo.gl/jdvGEX13_Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Can you play the violin? : 14:10https://goo.gl/TGMwZJ14_Animal Friends - Can you swim? : 15:42https://goo.gl/VuUajd15_The Tortoise and the Hare - Good morning : 16:47https://goo.gl/IQDSYR16_The Wizard of Oz - Nice to meet you : 17:59https://goo.gl/FN78O617_Gulliver's Travels - I'm sorry : 18:56https://goo.gl/WCw2Yg18_Peter Pan - Do you have paper? :19:47https://goo.gl/ZhWk2319_Two Brothers - Do you like cheese? : 20:49https://goo.gl/6NOAcA20_Hansel and Gretel - Do you like doughnut? : 21:51https://goo.gl/rLF6c421_Country Mouse and City Mouse - Do you want some more? : 23:20https://goo.gl/VuUajd22_Snow White - Do you want some more? : 24:30https://goo.gl/TGMwZJ23_Pinocchio - Let's play soccer : 26:00https://goo.gl/zk1ARP24_Gulliver's Travels - Let's play soccer : 26:55https://goo.gl/bdP0o825_The Grasshopper and the Ant - Let's go fishing : 28:28https://goo.gl/MrusG126_A Lazy Boy Who Became a Cow - What are you doing? : 29:31https://goo.gl/26AdiO27_The Red Shoes - What are you doing? : 31:03https://goo.gl/WkseB328_The Little Green Frog - What did you do? : 32:17https://goo.gl/JcpAFS29_The Little Mermaid - What did you do yesterday? : 33:51https://goo.gl/PQ3s0M30_The Red Shoes - What are you doing? : 35:26https://goo.gl/WkseB331_The Green Frog - Where is it? : 36:42https://goo.gl/APwC1u32_Jack and the Beanstalk - Where's my box? : 37:53https://goo.gl/0ZSbt633_The litte girl and FriendsWhere is the museum? : 26:5534_Mother's Love- How's the weather? : 40:53https://goo.gl/Uv7HpV35_Snow White - It's snowing : 41:49https://goo.gl/JJvVCM36_The Emperor's New Clothes - Put on your coat : 43:37https://goo.gl/u4odWj37_Little Women - Put on your coat : 44:59https://goo.gl/Pch12o38_The King has donkey ears - Open your eyes : 40:53https://goo.gl/JuDGGE39_Two brothers - Open the door : 41:49https://goo.gl/FRKC6c40_A Little Princess - Happy birthday! : 43:37https://goo.gl/u4odWj41_Cinderella - Happy birthday! : 44:59https://goo.gl/Pch12oThanks for checking out the "English Singsing". Amanta Inc.