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Tune in to the latest Lil' Shoppies of Happyville Vlog Compilation and get super styled! - Shopkins SUBSCRIBE NOW: Watch "The Lil' Shoppies of Happyvile - Style Vlog" Watch "Happy Places | TV Commercials" Lil' Shoppie Style Inspo the characters!JESSICAKEA little sweetie who loves creating an Oh-So-Cozy bedroom thats a dream to sleep in. Its the little things that makes a big difference when it comes to having a Happy Place to relax in. (Not to mention creating the best ever slumber parties!) Life's just a piece of cake for Jessicake! COCO COOKIESomeone who loves cooking up cool combos with her Petkins to decorate her dream kitchen! Coco Cookie likes to be a cut above the rest when it comes to making the Purrrfect cookie in the Kitty Kitchen! She always tries her best to please. Its all a matter of taste when it comes to decorating her Happy Place!POPETTELoud and lovable, Popette loves to follow the latest trends when designing her Puppy Parlor. Shes a star when it comes to decorating and creating a lounge to suit her laidback lifestyle! Every night is movie night for Popette and her Petkins in the Puppy Parlor!BUBBLEISHAA Lil' Shoppie with a sweet n sour personality. But she decorates with a style that creates smiles! Its the little details that she adds that makes her Bunny Bathroom really POP and become a beautiful place to bathe and relax the day away!KIRSTEAA prim and proper shopper who loves kicking back with a cup of tea. Theres no better way to chill with her Petkins while she relaxes in the Puppy Parlor. But Kirstea doesnt take sugar in her tea, shes sweet enough already!SARA SUSHISomeone who's always in tuna with her inner self. She's always chillin on the couch with her Petkins. Takin it easy in the Puppy Parlor is where Sara likes to release into the peace! And spreading the calm is just one of her many charm"!LIPPY LOUA Shoppie who loves to check out the perfect pout in front of the Bunny bathroom mirror! Bright, glossy and sometimes bossy, she's never without her Petkins - Her take anywhere beauty kit! SPAGHETTI SUESomeone who loves creating pasta perfection in the Kitty Kitchen with her Petkin Besties! A girl who loves to twirl and knows exactly what to do to be a "Pasta Master"! She adds a touch of Italian style to everything she cooks! MELODINEBeing pitch perfect. Her favorite thing is to sing! She loves pumping out smooth sounds with her Petkins in the Bear Bedroom. That way the day always ends on a happy note! RAINBOW KATEA girl who's always makin it happen in the Kitty Kitchen! She's totally brilliant when it comes to mixing it up and creating taste sensations with her Petkin friends!