Merry Twistmas Pinkfong! with J-RabbitChristmas CarolsPinkfong Songs for Children


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Subscribe and watch new videos uploaded every week. YouTube Channel: and J-Rabbit met again for an amazing collaboration!Check out J-Rabbit's exclusive original cover of "Merry Twistmas Pinkfong" to enjoy the jolly carol & get ready for Christmas!You are watching "Merry Twistmas Pinkfong! with J-Rabbit", a fun collaboration video of Pinkfong & sweet J-Rabbit duo ----- LyricsMerry Twistmas Pinkfong!Merry Merry Twistmas!A bright Christmas treeEverybody Twistmas! Sing and dance with meJingle-jangle sing all day longMingle-mangle dance with PinkfongGolden bells are ringing ding-dongSing jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling!Twist! Twist!Christmas danceTwirly-whirly! Twirly-whirly!Twist dance! One, two! One, two, three!One! Two!Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah-! Let's dance!Christmas!Twirly-whirly, Twirly-whirly,Sing, jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling!Everybody let's dance, Twistmas!Original Music by PinkfongMusic Produced by J Rabbit Vocal by J HyesunPiano and All-Instrument by J DawoonChorus by J RabbitAll Tracks Recorded by J Dawoon at Rabbit burrow All Tracks Mixed & Mastered by Zivogy at ZV studio----Subscribe to Pinkfong's YouTube channel for hundreds of kids' favorite songs and stories, including phonics songs, nursery rhymes, bedtime lullabies, children's classics, fairy tales and more!Pinkfong! no. 1 kids' app chosen by 100 million children worldwide Best Kids Songs & Stories [Free Download]: educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by the experts in children's education.Follow us on Facebook for new updates and free promotions. Facebook: Website: 2017 Smart Study Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.Go #BabySharkChallenge #PinkfongBabyShark #amandacerny #dagelan #bayi yu #BabySharkChallenge #J Rabbit #celebrities' baby shark #k-pop artists' baby shark challenge #baby shark in bahasa malaysia #Dalegan #CNN pinkfong #pinkfong #kid #kids #kidssongs #baby #babies #babiessongs #babyshark #phonics #smartstudy