Learn ABC Alphabet and ABC Phonics for kids| How to write


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Hi, this is Kids Academy and in our new video for kids, you can learn english ABC alphabet.

The alphabet is a building block that helps kids to develop reading and writing skills.

There is some debate which should be taught first – UPPERCASE letters of lowercase letters. On the one hand, uppercase letters are easier to identify and draw. On the other hand, most of what is written is in lowercase.

Whichever order you choose, we have prepared this entertaining video for teaching uppercase letters. Cute animals, natural phenomena and your kids’ favorite foods will introduce letters to your little ones and help them learn their ABCs.

00:00 - Start

00:16 - Letter A

00:30 - Letter B

00:48 - Letter C

01:03 - Letter D

01:20 - Letter E

01:42 - Letter F

01:56 - Letter G

02:08 - Letter H

02:21 - Letter I

02:44 - Letter J

02:58 - Letter K

03:13 - Letter L

03:39 - Letter M

03:54 - Letter N

04:14 - Letter O

04:29 - Letter P

04:47 - Letter Q

05:04 - Letter R

05:19 - Letter S

05:39 - Letter T

05:56 - Letter U

06:09 - Letter V

06:24 - Letter W

06:39 - Letter X

06:53 - Letter Y

07:05 - Letter Z

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