Kids Songs 33 min | Nursery Rhymes Collection for Toddlers from Dave and Ava


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NEW! THE FARM ANIMALS PUZZLE APP download for iOS nursery rhymes and kids songs with Dave and Ava!Subscribe now for new nursery rhymes - Watch our 100-minute collection of non-stop nursery rhymes at you like this video, share it back to your preschool or kindergarten days. Do you remember singing kids songs with your parents? Dave and Ava bet you might be able to sing one or two of those nursery rhymes to this day! Even the youngest ones can start building their literacy skills through listening to these kids songs! Learning through play is such a fun! Our nursery rhymes teach your little ones ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, parts of the body and more! Go to your favorite nursery rhyme by selecting a title below:00:19 One Little Finger Part 103:53 The Farmer in the Dell 07:38 Five Little Ladybugs12:09 Wheels on the Bus - Part 3 15:21 London Bridge is Falling Down18:02 Little Miss Muffet 20:41 Wheels on the Bus23:24 Yankee Doodle25:28 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat27:28 Brother John29:48 Apples and Bananas Part 2Watch more nursery rhymes from Dave and Ava: The Wheels on The Bus - Part 3 | Dave and Ava | Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs The Wheels on the Bus - Part 3 - Trailer | Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs from Dave and Ava Five Little Ladybugs | Nursery Rhymes Collection and Kids Songs from Dave and Ava like and share to show your support! Our social media profiles: Dave and Ava LTD 2017. All rights reserved.