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Enjoy our favorite Halloween songs back to back in this super spooky compilation! Happy Halloween! 🎃 🦇

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0:00 - Intro

0:05 - I Spy

2:30 - 10 Monsters In The Bed

5:02 - Knock Knock Trick Or Treat feat. Caitie!

8:42 - Go Away Spooky Goblin

10:19 - Hello My Friends

11:26 - Peekaboo Halloween!

12:51 - Five Little Pumpkins feat. Noodle & Pals

15:55 - Baby Shark Halloween

19:22 - Trick Or Treat feat. Noodle & Pals

20:50 - ABC Boo!

24:01 - This Is The Way We Trick Or Treat feat. The Super Simple Puppets

25:51 - Five Creepy Spiders

28:20 - If I Were A Ghost

30:46 - Monster Party

33:06 - Down By The Spooky Bay

35:35 - Let’s Decorate The House For Halloween

37:49 - Who Took The Candy? Feat. The Super Simple Puppets

39:43 - Five Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed

41:42 - Hello Trick Or Treat

44:18 - Halloween ABC Song

45:54 - Can You Make A Happy Face? feat. Noodle & Pals

47:45 - Five Little Ghosts

49:51 - The Skeleton Dance

51:34 - Trick Or Treat feat. The Super Simple Puppets

53:02 - This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin

54:18 - One For You, One For Me feat. Noodle & Pals

56:53 - Six Little Ghosts

59:02 - Goodbye My Friends


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