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Meet the Grossery Gang, the most inspired expired grossest convenience store products to ever hit the shelf!SUBSCRIBE for more Kids TV Shows Full Episodes cartoon series follows five best friends who are having the time of their lives hanging out at the Yucky Mart Follow their (mis)adventures by tuning in fortnightly! Watch our Festy Fun videos! Watch our Grossery Gang Fan videos! Grossery Gang competition videos! Want to check our TV commercials? Grossery Gang can be found in Cheap Town, a once bustling urban metropolis BUT ever since the mega motorway to Sales City was built there hasnt been a single customer in this now run down town! Dont feel bad though, SOMETHING has been left behindtake a peek inside the Yucky Mart and you might just catch The Grossery Gang hanging out in the vile aisles! This crusty crew of putrid products have hit their expiration dates and festered to life to create their own brand of filthy fun! Theres over 150 to find at the Yucky Mart including Putrid Pizza, Dodgey Donut, Shoccoli, Rotten Egg and more! The fun times (and fragrant fumes) never stop when the Grossery Gangs involved! So come on down to the Yucky Mart to hang with the grossest of gangs and see if you can collect them all! Meet the characters!PUTRID PIZZAFrom the Gross Greasies Team, it's Putrid Pizza!ROTTEN EGGFrom the Sour Dairy team, Fart your day with a Rotten Egg!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: FEATHERS, BEAKS AND NASTY SMELLS!SHOCCOLIFrom the Moldy Veg team, it's green but snot fresh!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: MANURE, WORMS AND SLUGS!FUNGUS FRIESFrom the Gross Greasies team, it's Fungus Fries!SPOTTY ZIT CREAMFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it helps make you look spotty and feel really grotty!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: PUS, TOADS AND WARTS!YUCK YOGURTFrom the Sour Dairy team, hes a tub of grubs that really grows on you!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: BACTERIA, BEETLES AND TISSUES!AWFUL WAFFLEFrom the Half Baked Bakery team, it's Awful Waffle!SQUISHY TOMATOFrom the Moldy Veg team. it's rotten and red and smells like it's deadMAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: SEEDS, KETCHUP, AND DUSTROTTING TOOTHPASTEFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it's the stinky way to cause decay! Now in new garlic flavor!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: SUGAR, CANDY AND SODA!ROUGH TOILET PAPERFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it's the roughest toilet paper around! No Butts about it!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: SANDPAPER, CARDBOARD AND SPLINTERS!MUCKY BUTTERCUPFrom the Sticky Sweets team, it's a cup load of muck that's sure to suck!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: BUTTER, MUCK AND PUS!SNOT GOOD TISSUESFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it's snot good, snot soft and snot nice to use!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: SNOT, BOOGERS AND MUCUS!LEAKY SUNSCREENFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it's sticky and thick to let you burn quick!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: PAINT, RUBBER AND SAND!REVOLTING SULTANAFrom the Moldy Veg team, it's the dried up grape you are sure to hate!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: ROTTEN GRAPES, STEMS AND SMELLY FEET!GROTTY SOAPFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it's the soap that's green and feels very unclean!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: FAT, DIRT AND SOUR CREAM!MUSHY SLUSHYFrom the Icky Mart Playset, it's warm and thick to make you feel sick!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: ICE, MUSH AND FINGERS!SHAMPOOPFrom the Barf-Room Supplies team, it's the 2 in 1 Shampoop that gives you Tangles and Tears!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: ONIONS, POOP AND SHAVING CREAM!SNOT N PEPPERFrom the Awful Sauces team, it's the greasy sneezy taste sensation!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: BOOGERS, PEPPER AND TISSUES!SICKLY SALSA SAUCEFrom the Awful Sauces team, it's the sickly salsa guaranteed to cause ulcers!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: BEANS, MUCUS AND BURP!STINKIFrom the Gross Greasies team, it's full of the ooze that you dont want to choose!MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: PUS, SCABS AND PLASTIC!Missed an episode? Check it on our channel!!! the Grossery Gang! Where stales on sale and sold comes with mold! Browse the vile aisles of putrid products and foul foods! It's your One Slop Shop where the shoppins gone rotten! http://www.grosserygang.comhttp://www.mygang.grosserygang.com