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Punctuation is a very important part of written English, it clears the meaning of words and expresses what is being said in the right manner. Without punctuation, the sentences would remain confused and the meanings will be unclear. For 1st grade student is an important part if the curriculum and the kid must have a strong grip on it.

Starting with the very basics, let’s look at the ending punctuations. These punctuations are used at the end of the sentences. All sentences end with a punctuation mark, which is what marks the end of the sentence. Depending on the tone of the sentence the appropriate punctuation is used with it. Mostly three kinds of punctuation marks are used, either a period (.), a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!).

00:00 - Start. Ending Punctuation

00:13 - An example of all punctuation options at the end of a sentence.

02:02 - Period

Most sentences end with a period. For example:

1. The dog is big.

2. He is Adam.

3. This is an apple.

4. I have a car.

02:32 - Question mark

Question sentences end with a question mark. The sentences which enquiring about something are referred to as question sentences. For example:

1. What is your name?

2. Where is your car?

3. When will you come?

4. How old are you?

These are all asking a question and hence are ending with a question mark. The question sentences ask six questions:

1. What?

2. When?

3. Who?

4. Where?

5. Why?

6. How?

03:23 - Exclamation point

Sentences which represent some kind of extreme feeling end with an exclamation point. For example:

1. I am going to a party!

2. That is my favorite color!

3. I love it!

4. Yay!

So these are the basic ending punctuation lessons that English grammar is made up of. They are an important part of the English grammar lessons and the kid must have a sound understanding of them.

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