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Did you ever see a snake baking a cake?!?! This collection of silly songs for kids features all three Super Simple versions of Down By The Bay, plus 10 Little Fishies, Baby Shark, and many more! Including some of our most popular kids songs and nursery rhymes, we know they'll help get the sillies out! Down by the bay. Where the watermelons grow. Back to my home I dare not go. For if I do My mother will say, Did you ever see a duck driving a truck? Down by the bay.Subscribe Simple Songs Playlist******Get FREE resources like coloring sheets, games, flashcards, and worksheets in the Super Simple Learning Resource Center:*****We're Super Social, too!facebook:*****Super Simple Songs and Super Simple Learning are registered trademarks of Skyship Entertainment Company.#nurseryrhymes #kidssongs #childrensmusic #supersimplesongs