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In George's dream, he is a detective who tries to solve a case.

Clip taken from Episode 6, Season 4 - "The Great Monkey Detective": George is too excited to nap! Chef Pisghetti is showing a Basil Know-it-all detective movie! Basil is George's favorite detective of all time. Upon arriving at the restaurant, George discovers a mystery of his own. Chef Pisghetti's recipe book is missing from its usual spot on the shelf. Because of missing his nap, George falls asleep during the movie but remembers a scene where Basil used a vase as a magnifying glass. In his dream, George does not have a vase but he can fill a plastic bag with water and round it up like a balloon. After waking up having missed most of the movie, George tries to solve the mystery of the missing cookbook but he does not have a magnifying glass or a bag that can be filled and twisted without it leaking.

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George is a good little monkey…and always very curious! For over 80 years, the adventures of George and his friend The Man With the Yellow Hat have been delighting children with their playfulness and fun. The TV show reveals how curiosity is a building block of learning, as it introduces simple science, technology, engineering and math concepts to the youngest viewers.