Bear Hunt Song for Children (Official Video) Walking One Day |Adventure Song for Children Miss Patty


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Children Songs for kids - Walking One Day is an adventure story. Jump, run, freeze, climb, dance and play along with Miss Patty.


This is an adventure story

And I want you to do all the things I did in the story

I went walking one day

to meet my friend Jake

I walk walk walk walk

walk walk walked

When out popped a big snake

I jumped off of the ground

As high as I could go

I jump, jump, jump, jump,

jump, jump, jumped

And fell into a

It was very, very dark

I had to climb up and out

I climb climb climb climb

Climb climb climbed

At the top I gave a shout (Hey!)

I feel on to my knees

I couldn't move an inch

I froze next to a scorpion

with sharp claws that could pinch (ouch!)

So I patted my legs

To make him leave

I pat pat pat pat patted

And he crawled up a tree

That's when I saw a bear

Hungry, I could tell

I stood up tall, as I could

And I began to yell

"Help, help, help, aaaaahhhhhhh!

Help, help, help"

He ran out of site,

I turned and ran real fast

I ran ran ran ran

Ran ran ran

And met Jake at last

Jake, you won't believe

The things that I've seen

A snake, a scorpion, a bear

Were all after me!

But I got away

And now it's all OK

Let's dance, dance dance, dance

Dance, dance, dance

And play, play, play, play, play


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