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Wheels on the Bus comes back in a special compilation for the kids who loves the song! Watch 7 different videos with a green bus, a yellow bus, a red bus, a school bus and even a pencil bus, and sing along with the lyrics !00:00 School Bus02:15 The Wheels on the Bus (Green Bus)04:48 The Wheels on the Bus (Yellow Bus New Version)06:50 The Wheels on the Bus (Red Bus)09:17 Bus Race (Learn Colors)10:32 The Wheels on the Bus (Yellow Bus First Version)12:54 The Wheels on the Bus (Pencil Bus)- About Minibus & Friends -Minibus & Friends is a YouTube channel of educational nursery rhymes and cartoons for babies and children.Created in the United States in 2015 with popular English nursery rhymes under the name Minibus and Friends. Learning and educating children in a fun way is always more effective. This is why we created the universe of Minibus and Friends. Indeed, with the help of cartoons depicting endearing characters, we offer educational nursery rhymes for babies and children, to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, hygiene, animals and all kinds of other subjects.Our nursery rhymes are simple to understand, and often repetitive enough for the child to easily assimilate words.And our videos are accompanied by subtitles so that the child can follow by reading the lyrics and singing at the same time.If you want to know more about the characters, you can consult their presentation page on our website: https://www.comptinesminibus.comDo not hesitate to subscribe for free to our YouTube channel to not miss anything from our future publications: https://www.youtube.com/minibusandfriendsSee you soon on Minibus and Friends!#wheelsonthebus #thewheelsonthebus #wheelsonthebussong