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The "TuTiTu Toys and Songs for Children" series combines everyone's favorite song videos with their matching toys. This way you and your toddler can learn as well as sing along! In this episode: TuTiTu Boat Song includes lyrics!Let's Sing Along !More of TuTiTu Songs, Let's Sing Along:https://goo.gl/N8pao2Boat Song Lyrics:Row my boatRow my boatIt's a beautiful dayto row my boat X2Sometimes I fishSometimes I swimSometimes I row my boatWhat a beautiful dayto row my boat!Tractor Song Lyrics:Go!Building with my tractoris so fun fun fun!all day longin the yellow warm sun X2Up and downand move it all aroundlift it highand reach the sky X2X2---Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TuTiTuTVPinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/tutitutvTwitter - https://twitter.com/TuTiTuTVProduction & Animation: Twist Animation Ltd.Production Designers: Tal Gamliel, Yossi DahanTuTiTu'S Theme Song: Lyrics: Sarit Ido Schechter, Music: Sarit Ido Schechter and Tal Gamliel, Musical Arrangement: Uri KarivVocals: Yael Shoshana CohenSound engineering: Gil LandauOriginal 'Boat' and 'Tractor' Songs - music, lyrics, vocals, production and recording by: Yael Shoshana Cohen And Gil Landau.