The Incredible HULK CLASH! Ninja Kidz TV vs SuperHeroKids


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When a giant inflatable Hulk toy falls out of the sky, Noah believes it was his incredible wishing skills that brought Hulk to him. Little does he know that the Hulk really belongs to Ninja Kid Paxton! The Ninja Kidz see Noah leaving with their brother's toy and go on a mission to get their brother's toy Hulk back while the SuperHeroKids try to protect the toy they think belongs to them! The chase is on! Will the Ninja Kidz get their brother's Hulk back and will the SuperHeroKids find out where the toy really came from? Watch this SuperHeroKids funny comic video in real life to find out!! Thanks to Hover-1 for letting us borrow your hoverboards and electric scooters for the making of this video!Subscribe: SuperHeroKids:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: More SuperHeroKids:Skits: Uploads: Videos: