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The Sweet Snacks have trapped the Savory Snacks and in the school's garden. Will the Savory Snacks be able to escape the Sweets prison or will they be stuck in the garden forever?Written By : John Welch Beware of the school cafeteria at night! Because after the lights go off, the battle is on. An experimental chemical brought the food to life. There are stores of this chemical hidden around a middle school, so the Savory and Sweet snacks fight each other to collect it and make more Savory or Sweet respectively. Every night, they come out in search of more Quik N Stiff, leading to battles, mishaps and loads of food fight fun!Created by Edgar Paredes. LEARN HOW YOUR IDEA CAN BE MADE INTO AN ANIMATED SERIES: OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE : and Lyrics: Copyright 1067 Studios, LLC d/b/a JazwingsVideo: Copyright 1067 Studios, LLC d/b/a Jazwings============================================Jazwings Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @JazwingsJazwings Pinterest: FIRST - Kids Videos & Nursery Rhymes | Free App Download: The Train App - Download Now my genius is an online channel which concentrates on high quality animated nursery rhymes, alphabets, train series, numbers, flashcards, how to draw and much more.Our channel is dedicated to animated nursery rhymes which are designed to entertain and educate children.Come dance, clap and sing along!