The Colors Song ~ Learn the Colors / Colours ~ LEARN ENGLISH with Natural English ~ LEARN VOCABULARY


The Colors Song ~ Learn the Colors / Colours ~ LEARN ENGLISH with Natural English ~ LEARN VOCABULARY with tags color, colors, colour, colours, learn, teach, help, song, fun, english, language, words,, vocabulary

***BOOK NOW AVAILABLE (please see below)*** LEARN ENGLISH vocabulary. A song with beautiful pictures to teach English words and colors. Suitable for language learners of all ages. Everyone can learn English and sing along. :-)


We're really happy to announce that there is now a 67-page full-color book available to accompany this video. There is one beautiful full-page color photograph for each item of vocabulary (54 new words, in addition to learning the colors).

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Red, red strawberries

Red apples on the trees

Red hearts and poppies

We love the color red!

Orange, orange oranges

Orange juice and pumpkins

Orange lamp and mandarins

We love the color orange!

Yellow, yellow sunflowers

Yellow sun and yellow cars

Yellow birds and bananas

We love the color yellow!

Green, green Christmas tree

Green plants and green peas

Green fields and broccoli

We love the color green!

Blue, blue blueberry pie

Blue sea, blue sky

Blue eyes and dragonfly

We love the color blue!

Purple, purple lavender

Purple crystal, purple flower

Purple plums and purple house

We love the color purple!

White, white mistletoe

White clouds, white snow

White doves and window

We love the color white!

Gray, gray mountains

Gray fish and fountains

Gray stones and elephants

We love the color gray!

Black, black blackberries

Black cats and black seeds

Black night and black sheep

We love the color black!

Brown, brown teddy bear

Brown dog and brown chair

Brown cow and brown hair

We love the color brown!

Pink, pink flamingoes

Pink bike and pink bows

Pink shoes and pink rose

We love the color pink!

Red, orange, yellow, green,

Blue, purple, white, grey,

Black, brown and pink.

We love all the colors!

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