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How many days are in a week? Seven days ! A really fun, high energy song for children. By the age of 3 or 4 years, kids will start to understand and learn the 7 days of the week. Singing a song that names each day and repeats it is a great way to reinforce the lesson. Your preschooler may enjoy learning from this song as well. As you are teaching your child about the days of the week, it's also a good idea to introduce the concept of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

LooLoo KIDS is all about the kids! About their happiness, about their joy of learning new things, and about having fun! At LooLoo Kids, Little Johny is inviting his friends on an educational journey, full of fun and adventures, following the joy of nursery rhymes and children's songs.

Inspire kids to learn new things and discover the world with these educational songs from LooLoo KIDS.

Seven Days Lyrics

Hello everybody,

It's a brand new week ahead!

Today it's Monday,

So let's jump out of bed!

It's followed by Tuesday,

Another lovely day

We're happy on Wednesday,

Because it's time to play, play, play!

Get ready for Thursday,

The middle of the week,

And here comes Friday,

It's time for hide and seek!

On Saturday and Sunday

We laugh and play and rest.

See you again on Monday!

This week has been the best, the best!

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