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Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your golden hair! Bedtime Stories and Songs for Kids youtube channel presents RAPUNZEL cartoon kids bedtime story and a collection of popular kids songs nursery rhymes animated with Princess Rapunzel and all characters of the story in this video.SUBSCRIBE our Youtube Channel NOW for FREE !Click here : https://goo.gl/Gkr873 and follow our next popular classic stories and songs for kids.You can watch from the starting of each part by clicking the link of start times below:00:00 Rapunzel Story11:34 Jingle Bells song with Rapunzel13:35 Wheels on the Bus song Rapunzel16:18 ABC Song with Rapunzel17:39 Humpty Dumpty song with Rapunzel 18:39 If youre Happy and You know it song with Rapunzel19:56 Old MacDonald had a farm song with Rapunzel22:18 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with RapunzelPLEASE SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/Gkr873Links to all our FairyTales and Bedtime Stories for Kids :1- Little Red Riding Hood : https://youtu.be/RT-EwqgHqCk2- Cinderella : https://youtu.be/HKSRbsJVli03- Rapunzel : https://youtu.be/N2DYQumSvCQ4- Bremen Town Musicians : https://youtu.be/K5gr-A03RFM5- Snow White : https://youtu.be/payHOUiOuxQ 6- The Little Mermaid : https://youtu.be/pf_xz7GFCHw7- Snow Queen : https://youtu.be/-Rkb88fPMd88- Sleeping Beauty : https://youtu.be/fz531jczzQ09- Jungle Book : https://youtu.be/BS_ofTKqR1w 10- Heidi : https://youtu.be/bVgWSqtHo2Q11- Beauty and the Beast : https://youtu.be/fkCPEujxTho12- Alice in Wonderland : https://youtu.be/8AaPHUYMnW813- Pinocchio : https://youtu.be/aewbOlGXv6s14- Hansel and Gretel : https://youtu.be/jfg-CYLs9_s15- Aladdin and the Magic Lamp : https://youtu.be/w5Ga-iHRaPM16- Puss in Boots : https://youtu.be/C6O9Af_SsnI17- The Little Match Girl : https://youtu.be/LRjeVRpFRuM18- The Frog Prince : https://youtu.be/Dhq_FEUEc8Y19- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves : https://youtu.be/vsHS6lLrrf420- The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats : https://youtu.be/OZl3gjh5IhM21- Three Little Pigs : https://youtu.be/-gdcgnSrUvU22- 12 Dancing Princesses : https://youtu.be/VnSdDcm4rdA