Pokemon | How to Draw Torterra (Art Tutorial)


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Learn How to Draw Torterra from Pokemon. Grab your paper, ink, pens or pencils and lets get started!I have a large selection of educational online classes for you to enjoy so please subscribe.http://www.youtube.com/user/cartooning4kidsNew art tutorials posted every Monday to Friday so be sure to SUBSCRIBE and click that bell icon to get notifications.LIKE and SHARE this video and please check out more of our easy art tutorials so you can learn how to get better at drawing. We have one of the largest drawing courses on the internet and we post them 5 days a week for beginners and young aspiring artists. We have over a thousand easy to draw cartoon characters in our massive Playlist library.We post lessons from kids cartoons like Pokemon, Cartoon Network characters, Disney cartoons, Disney and Pixar movies, Marvel comics, Transformers, PBS Kids, and a many other popular kids movies. We are one of the fastest growing e learning art websites on the internet.Select from any of the Playlists below.Learn How to Draw Chibi CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/gRhWCoLearn How to Draw Pokemon CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/EJpnJ0Learn How to Draw Heroes & VillainsView this Playlist- goo.gl/5TkggFLearn How to Draw Dragon Ball Z CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/uFjwHmLearn How to Draw FNaF CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/sGRKhsLearn How to Draw Video Game CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/j18FQOLearn How to Draw Anime CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/FhqBaBLearn How to Draw Teen Titans GO! CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/ATt1a6Learn How to Draw Clash of Clans CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/SLNPx4Learn How to Draw Minecraft CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/er1sfiLearn How to Draw Popular TV CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/3FxVDALearn How to Draw Disney CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/R4ItYdLearn How to Draw Movie CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/4bHJU3Learn How to Draw Star Wars CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/hnRKUKLearn How to Draw Undertale CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/5YVnk7Learn How to Draw Wrestling SuperstarsView this Playlist- goo.gl/eO9MKQLearn How to Draw Popular YoutubersView this Playlist- goo.gl/46MXk1Learn How to Draw Adventure Time CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/HX3iUNLearn How to Draw Gravity Falls CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/P4SCsFLearn How to Draw Shopkins CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/64QLINLearn How to Draw for Beginners Art LessonsView this Playlist- goo.gl/38qbbNLearn How to Draw for Halloween CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/WsVbwyLearn How to Draw for Christmas CharactersView this Playlist- goo.gl/pThR4qWe also have a library of Edible Art tutorials in our Epic Baking Playlist- goo.gl/vWi7VQVisit our Fun Stuff Playlist to see some of our animated shorts. We add new ones once in a while.Visit the Fun Stuff Playlist- https://goo.gl/yHdziCShare your amazing drawing with us for a chance to be featured in our monthly Artist Spotlight. Email directly to: Cartooning4kids@gmail.com or you can share on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/Cartooning4FunFOLLOW us on TWITTER:http://twitter.com/cartooning4kidsFOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM:http://instagram.com/cartooning4kidsIf you enjoyed this art tutorial then please LIKE and SHARE it with all your friends. Your support really makes a difference and allows us to continue creating easy drawing tutorials each day. If you have a request you can add it in the comments below and we'll do our best to add it to our incredibly HUGE list. Visit the Official Cartooning 4 Kids Website at:http://www.cartooning4kids.comWant to learn how to get better at drawing? The Subscribe today. Our online drawing lessons are 100% FREE. https://www.youtube.com/user/cartooning4kidsCartooning 4 Kids is an online drawing school dedicated to providing FREE art tutorials to aspiring young artists and classroom projects for teachers. Our step by step drawing tutorials guide viewers through each and every line from start to finish. Thanks for watching everyone.