Online Class for Kids #30 C'mon Let's Dance Brain Breaks Kids Songs by The Learning Station


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Class for Kids #30 by The Learning Station: Welcome to The Learning Stations online/virtual classroom for children. Here is a list of the action, dance, brain breaks, movement, exercise and fun learning songs we will be performing today: C'Mon Let's Dance (Dance Song & Brain Breaks for Kids) Way Down Yonder (Silly Sing Along Song for Kids) Say No To Strangers (Body Safety Movement Song ) Day O' Time To Go Home (Goodbye Song for Kids)************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to The Learning Station's YouTube channel today! :'MON LET'S DANCE is a great brain breaks action, dance song to make it easy and fun to take a quick energy break. When children take a moment to sing, dance, move, and even laugh then they can return to their academics feeling happy, joyous, energized and renewed. More and more schools are realizing the significant values of brain breaks for both students and teachers. So take a break, about every 35 minutes, to get up, move, dance and release all that built-up energy and stress. In the classroom this brain breaks dance song is perfect for the preschool and kindergarten. Our popular children's brain breaks break, dance song, "C'MON LET'S DANCE" is from the award-winning CD, You Can Dance! You Can Dance! CD Download: Can Dance CD:'MON LET'S DANCE (Brain Breaks, Dance Song for Kids)From the CD, You Can Dance!By The Learning Station (Also, known as Learning Station)Monopoli/The Learning Station LYRICS:C'MON LET'S DANCE 3:11This song contains a collection of Fad, Craze or Novelty style dances. Dance style fads have always been a part of social dancing.Now it's your turn to be creative, get silly, have fun and make-up your very own movement for each dance that Deejay Don callsout.Chorus:C'mon let's dance. There's so many dances we can't count them all.C'mon let's dance. We'll make up our own and we'll have a ball.Do The Peek-a-boo, do The Karate Monkey, do The Tickle Yourself,Now, Tip Toe Through The Tulips. Repeat ChorusDo the Jiggling Jell-O, do the Frankenstein Monster Walk,Now, do The Milkshake, now do The Bunny Hop.Repeat ChorusDo The Hula Hoop, do The Popping Popcorn,Now, do The Chicken Little, now do The Leap Frog.Now do The Tie Yourself In A Knot, do The Q-tip, The Cat's Got Your Tongue,now do The Spin, do The Falling Leaf, do The Cell Phone.(The following is an actual conversation from On Star)Phone rings: Hello -- Hello, yea, I'd like to order a couple pizzas. Uh, no this not a pizza place. What is it then? We're doing asong here. The C'mon Let's Dance.? Yea, yea, that's the song. By The Learning Station? Exactly. How's it go? It goes...Repeat ChorusDo The Stretch, do The Windshield Wiper, the Mosquito Bite, now do The Hopscotch.Repeat ChorusDo The Slip And Slide, do The Helicopter, do The Sprinkler, now do The Toaster.Repeat Chorus (3X)Why take brain breaks?Brain breaks allow children the opportunity mentally rest their brain by diverting their mind into movements that allow them to: refresh recharge refocus regenerate release stress breatheRegular brain breaks enhance attentiveness, concentration, focus and accelerate learning by allowing children to release their energy, anxiety and stress. Brain breaks also increase circulation and promote physical fitness and coordination. These songs are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary age children."Like" us on Facebook and participate in FREE giveaways galore!: The Learning Station: our store! CD's, CD Downloads, DVD's, Tee shirts & more: IN TOUCH WITH US Facebook: * FREE STUFF *Sign-up for our FREE newsletter: printable activities: #thelearningstation #virtualclassroom #C'monLet'sDance #brainbreaks #KidsSongs #TeachingSongsForKids #WayDownYonder #OnlineClass #SayNoToStrangers #DayoTimeToGoHome #GoodbyeSong #BodySafety #YanketyYank