Om Nom Stories - Fun Ideas for Quarantine


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Social distancing makes you feel extremely bored? No worries! Om Nom is here to present you six awesome ideas that will make your time at home more exciting! These cartoons will keep kids entertained while teaching them how to use their free time in a productive way.Friends! In case you need some inspiration, Om Nom is happy to show what you could do on self-quarantine:1. Bring out your inner chf! Cooking is a fun and useful activity for the whole family. Om Nom's favorite!2. Watch a new show or a film that you haven't seen in a while. Om Nom Stories marathon is definitely a good option!3. Playing video games will immerse you into a fantasy world for hours! Try Om Nom: Run, the newest game featuring your beloved characters!4. Picasso? Dal? Pick your favorite artist and try to mimic their style or draw a card for each family member.5. Switch on a disco playlist and dance! Don't forget to use headphones to not disturb your neighbors. 6. Cleaning frenzy! Go through all the things you own and only keep those that spark joy. Also, it might be the perfect time to do some deep cleaning.Quite an exciting list, right? Now, let's watch the episode where Om Nom gets to do all these cool activities!#Quarantine #OmNom #OmNom