Oddbods Can FLY! | 2 HOURS | Oddbods BEST Full Episodes! | Funny Cartoons for Kids


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When an experiment with Pogo's ice cream results in making everyone who eats it weightless, he doesn't fail to see the fun in this outcome. Soon he and a couple of others are loving spinning around weightless in the air. But Pogo, being Pogo never gave too much thought to consequences. It's not long before the dream sours and they find themselves drifting away unable to come back down. With Bubbles on the case will she find a way of bringing them back to earth before they float too high to rescue?

Watch back-to-back Oddbods full episodes: join the fuzzy rainbow friends on their BIG adventures!

00:00 Intro

00:16 Balloon Bods

07:15 Pogo Begone

14:13 Road Trip

21:11 Itch Hunt

28:09 The Abominable Snowman

35:08 Oddbreak

42:07 The Grimbles

49:05 Trainerwrecked

56:04 The Gift that Won't Stop Giving

01:03:02 Don't Open the Box

01:10:01 Egg on my Face

01:17:00 The Curse of the Three Eyed Frog

01:23:58 The Cone Wars

01:30:57 Wild Thing

01:37:55 Twitcher Trouble

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Welcome to the funny, colorful world of Oddbods! Meet your new 7 furry rainbow friends: Fuse, Newt, Pogo, Bubbles, Jeff, Zee and Slick as they laugh, trick and trip their way through life. Join in the funny cartoons for kids adventures with brand new Oddbods full episodes every week, as they cook up new recipes, chase after cute Baby Oddbods, go to the doctors, brush teeth at the dentist, go shopping and dress up as Party Monsters for Halloween! Life's always colorful in Oddsville!



Fuse ❀️ red - strong muscle, strong-willed

Bubbles πŸ’› yellow - smart, loves science and discovery

Newt πŸ’— pink - caring and sweet

Zee πŸ’š green - loves eating and sleeping

Slick 🧑 orange - a cool cat, loves a party

Jeff πŸ’œ purple - loves cleaning and being neat

Pogo πŸ’™ blue - playful, loves playing tricks

Who is your favorite Oddbods character?

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