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You already know how healthy fruits are. But did you know how naughty they are as well? Here's a nursery rhyme, as old as time, teaching you all about fruits and colors. Shall we sing the song for you? If you know the lyrics, sing along to Five Cute Fruits Jumping On The Bed!

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00:00 Five Little Fruits

02:22 Yes Yes Vegetables Song

04:15 Head Shoulders Knees Toes

06:28 Tomato Song

09:15 Appreciate Song

11:30 Mr. Sun

13:27 Would You Like To Eat An Egg

14:28 Happy Song

17:01 Move It Like Animals

19:10 Roadtrip Song

21:27 It's Good To Play Indoors

23:32 Wash Your Hands

24:37 Wheels On The Bus - Vehicle Song

26:25 Shark Finger Family

28:01 Elephant Song

30:04 Mr. Potato

31:52 Six Little Ducks

33:38 Doctor Song

35:01 Old Macdonald Had A Farm

37:10 Bunny Hop

39:09 What Color Is A Lemon

40:43 Robot Finger Family

42:46 Five Senses Song

45:29 Morning Routine

46:49 Be Kind

48:19 Balloon Finger Family

49:35 Teacher Song

52:09 There Were Two Mice

54:03 Johny Johny Yes Papa

55:53 Johny Johny Eating Sugar

57:52 Car Song

1:00:35 Five Little Buses

1:02:44 Bath Song

1:04:52 Ten In The Bed

1:07:02 La Cucaracha

1:09:45 Playground Song

1:11:00 School Bus Song

1:12:47 I Love My Sister Song

1:14:18 I Love Vegetables

1:16:32 Funny Faces

1:18:37 It's Raining Pouring

1:19:44 Tweedledum and Tweedledee

1:20:55 Fruit Song With Annie And Ben

1:23:28 The Little Sailboat

1:25:14 Sorry Thank You Please

1:27:14 The Spotted Ladybird

1:28:53 Down By The Bay

1:31:11 Bee Finger Family

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